Artist Statement

I work primarily in wood to create abstract landscapes and large-scale sculptural forms that explore notions of the contemporary sublime while addressing themes of beauty, corruption and loss. Informed by an interest in cell biology and genetic mutation, my work exists at the intersection between art, science, and philosophy. Drawing upon nature for inspiration, I use the abstracted morphology of both biological and geological structures to explore the idea of the body as landscape. Intentionally ambiguous, the resulting forms are at once familiar and exotic. Often playing with the tension that exists in the struggle of opposites (positive and negative, constraint and abandon), I seek to accentuate the tenuous balance between order and chaos.  Representational elements inhabit eroded, desiccated landscapes, while in other areas thorny protrusions pierce the surface. Negative spaces, reminiscent at times of riverbeds or veins, often seem to struggle ineffectually against the precise, smooth areas surrounding them. These intricate sculptures with their pristinely carved forms convey an impression of scientific objectivity, while their large even monumental scale creates a contradictory sense of intimacy and wonder.