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The CURE Caddy™

The CURE Caddy™* is a tube rack specifically designed for the academic teaching-lab or small research lab setting. Each caddy is designed to hold all the samples a researcher might need for a single prep or specific experiment in one self-contained rack. The rack is particularly ideal for course-based undergraduate research experiences, as each student can be given their own, individual CURE Caddy™ thereby minimizing the possibility of confusing or cross contaminating their samples with those of their peers. The rack can simultaneously accommodate up to four different diameter tubes: two 50mL conical tubes, five 15mL conical or standard tubes, nine 1.5mL microcentrifuge tubes, and three 0.6mL microcentrifuge tubes. At approximately 118mm (4.68 inches) wide and 54mm (2.125 inches) tall, the hexagonal shape is the perfect size for wet lab benchwork - large enough to be stable yet small enough to minimize its bench space footprint. The entire rack sits on feet that keep it elevated 4mm (1/8 inch) above the benchtop and each tube slot has a small hole at the bottom to allow for drainage. The racks are also stackable, each one interlocking on top of the next, to allow for easy, secure storage. 


These racks cannot currently be autoclaved. Unfortunately, because they are printed using standard PLA plastic, these racks are not currently designed to withstand the intense heat of an autoclave. Instead, if they need to be cleaned, it is recommended that they be handwashed using soap and water and/or sanitized with 70% alcohol (ethanol or isopropyl). The racks should also be kept away from direct, prolonged contact with acetone (liquid or fume), as it will soften and ultimately melt the plastic.

*CURE Caddy™ is ©2021 by Joshua Almond Studios, LLC. All rights reserved. Trademark and patent pending. 

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