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Eboo-la-la is a set of companion pieces consisting of a Victorian-styled settee and corresponding gent's chair. The pieces were created in 2015 as a response to the prolonged Ebola virus outbreak in the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone that was occurring at the time. More specifically, they serve as a critique of the hyperbolic and self-absorbed American response to that crisis that dominated the national news cycle in the fall of 2014. Both elements are styled in the Victorian fashion, a style made popular during the 19th Century and now synonymous with the British Empire, intentionally alluding to notions of empire and post-colonialism. These pieces, however, are constructed from hard maple (a distinctly North American species of wood) instead of the more historically accurate rosewood, thus inviting a direct comparison between contemporary American Empire and its predecessor. They are upholstered with an African Bazin fabric selected for its heart motif and the inscription, "Vives Le Maries" (or Long Live the Bride and Groom), a celebratory phrase typically offered to newlyweds on their wedding day. Both pieces possess an Ebola virus-shaped motif. The back of the settee is a representation of the Ebola virus in profile, as are both arms of the Gent's chair.

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