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Informed by the philosophical writings of Dylan Trigg and the literary and cultural studies of Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock (as well as the cinematic works of John Carpenter, Clive Barker, and David Cronenberg), the drawings in this series explore more directly the monstrous aspects embodied by cancer, viruses, bacteria and other diseases at the cellular level. Foreign invaders that co-opt the body, hijacking its defense and replication mechanisms to their own nefarious ends, these biological entities possess a Lovecraftian sense of horror, manifesting simultaneously as both human and unhuman.


The drawings in this series are based on COS-7 cells cultivated in the lab and observed through a confocal microscope. However, although derived from cells observed in the lab and seemingly presented with a sense of objectivity, these are not scientific illustrations nor are they intended to be. They are contrived forms, as much science fiction as scientific fact; philosophical explorations that necessarily subvert the scientific accuracy in favor of more expressive forms. 


All of the works in the series were executed using graphite pencil on Arches 80# paper mounted to MDF, and they are all framed in solid walnut floating frames. Though finished works in and of themselves, they are intended to serve as preliminary studies for a new body of sculptural work (in process). 

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